5 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Destroy Your Packages

May 25, 2021

Hey there, how’s it going? Did you get a new dog in the last twelve months? You’re not alone. With so many people working from home, families are adding dogs to their households like never before.

Don’t believe us?

The sale of doggy diapers (seriously, those exist) increased 202% in 2020. Many rescue organizations and shelters ran out of dogs to adopt.

But with that floppy funny furry addition to your house comes a whole new set of problems. Holes in your yard. Hair on your furniture. Heels missing from your shoes. Yes, dogs are cute and loving and they force us to get outside when we feel most isolated, but they aren’t without their challenges.

Dogs don’t have hands like we do, so they explore their world with their noses and their mouths. Something new in your home? Odds are good your dog is going to want to taste it and make sure it’s safe for the family, even if it’s something as simple as a cardboard box. And, left unsupervised, that tasting can turn into full-on destruction.

Dogs destroying packages is a hassle you didn’t know you signed up for when you saw Rover’s picture for the first time. And sure, with enough training, even the mouthiest good boy can learn not to chew, but it’s better to do some research and set your whole family — human and fur — for success from the beginning.

Here are the top five dog breeds most likely to destroy your packages.

1. Great Dane

great-dane-in-yellow-truck Image Source

Giant breed dogs are, contrary to what you might think, great for low-energy households. If you want to take your dog out for a leisurely stroll a couple of times a day and otherwise let them snooze on the couch, when it comes to pups, the bigger the better.

Great Danes are gentle giants with floppy ears and wobbly jowls. They may look tough, but all they want is love and a nap. But their size means, when they get bored, their destructive potential is also massive. A giant dog with nothing to do can turn your coffee table into kindling, and a package left on the porch or by the front door into pulp in a matter of minutes.

2. Chihuahua

white-chihuahua-laying-on-bed Image Source

On the other end of the spectrum from the giant dogs are chihuahuas. These little Mexican toy dogs may look cute and have long been treated as an accessory more than a pet, but chihuahuas and their owners are a special breed all their own. Tell any owner their chihuahua is a jerk, and they’ll laugh and go, “Yeah. She is.”

Because of their small size, chihuahuas can be very anxious. Think how terrifying the world would be if you weighed three pounds and were constantly being picked up or dressed in tutus against your will. And a great outlet for anxiety is chewing. 

They may be small, but chihuahuas are mighty, and a cardobard box doesn’t stand a chance when they get pissed off.

3. Basset Hound

basset-hound-with-ears-up Image Source

Basset hounds are a great family pet. They’re not too big, they sleep a lot, and their short legs, droopy faces and floppy ears are just so darn adorable!

But basset hounds were bred for centuries as scent hounds. They have incredibly powerful noses that can pick up on scent trails for miles. This is a great way to keep your basset hound engaged, by hiding tasty treats around your house and in your backyard for them to find — but if you’ve got anything yummy in that box on your porch, you can kiss it goodbye if it’s left unattended with your basset.

4. Labrador Retriever

Image Source

If you don’t own a lab, chances are you know someone who does. Labs have been the most popular dog breed in America for 30 years and with good reason. They’re easygoing, love their people, respond well to training and are a great first dog for families.

But labs will eat anything. Did we say anything? ANYTHING. Shoes. Furniture. Cat poop. Drywall. Vets see more labs with foreign objects stuck in their guts than any other breed. 

They don’t mean to. Labs are the bestest girls and boys for sure. But everything just looks so darn tasty. 

Got a package and an unsupervised lab? No, you just have an unsupervised lab and a mess on the floor.


5. Rescue Mutts

rescue-mixed-breed-black-dog Image Source

Rescue mutts are amazing. They come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments. Want a hiking buddy? There’s a rescue dog for that. A couch potato? Rescues have those. A fluff ball to keep Nana company? Yup, there are fluffy rescues too.

And mutts often don’t have the chronic health conditions that we commonly see in purebred dogs because of overbreeding. In short, we are all about #AdoptDontShop.

But whether they were surrendered by their owner at a shelter, found as a stray in the middle of a field or brought in from an international rescue, these pooches have been through a lot and can be anxious when they first come home. Many times, they’ve never been a pet before and don’t know the rules, like “stay off the furniture” and “don’t eat that box.”

Mistakes happen. Packages get eaten.

Any Dog Is a Great Dog

The truth is, dogs are going to do what their instincts tell them to do. That means everything from loving you with all their doggy hearts, to chewing anything they can reach if they’re bored or anxious. It’s up to dog moms and dads to set their pups up for success, regardless of what breed you choose, and that includes keeping packages safe and away from roaming doggy mouths.

Installing a Package Protector™ is a great way to keep your packages secure. They’re designed to protect your packages from porch thieves, but they’re dog-proof too. That is unless you teach Spot how to work a combination lock — then you’re on your own … and you should probably be very afraid because that is a wicked smart dog.

Choose between the Package Protector™ PRO, which is installed right into your home’s exterior, or the free-standing Package Protector PORT which can go anywhere on your property you like. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pup is minding his manners, and your package is waiting for you to retrieve it when you’re ready.

For more information on which Package Protector™ model is right for you, contact us today.