9 Statistics About Package Theft You Need to Know

Aug 20, 2021

Statistics. We love them. We hate them. We make them up. Did you know that, in a recent study among Santa’s elves, 55% said they feel valued in their job, and 67% said they felt their managers really took the time to understand their problems?

We’ve already sent Santa his 360-degree feedback, and we hope he takes it to heart.

But you know what’s no joking matter? Package theft. Porch thieves are costing Americans millions of dollars every day. Think it can’t happen to you? Here are 9 package theft statistics that might change your mind.

1. How often is package theft occurring?

Way too often. In a 2019 study, 51% of people asked said that they had at least one package in the last six months that didn’t arrive as expected. Some were lost in transit. But others were reportedly delivered and never officially received. Was it a ghost? A pirate? (Our bet is on porch pirates.)

2. How often do people get packages delivered?

Pretty much all the time — and the number is growing annually. 10% of Americans say they received a package delivered daily in 2020, and almost 50% receive a package at least once a week. 97% received at least one package every month.
How do I prevent package theft?

3. How do I prevent package theft?

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There are a number of proactive and reactive ways to try to stop package theft. The most common is something like a security camera or doorbell cam. 50% of people who have tried to stop package theft have gone this route, even though it really only allows you to see when your package has been stolen, rather than stopping the theft itself.

On a more proactive approach, nearly 40% of people will schedule deliveries for a time they’ll be home or will wait until the package has been dropped off. This method is pretty foolproof, assuming you have time to sit around your house waiting for the delivery truck to pull up.

4. How to catch or identify a package thief?

The truth is, it’s really hard. Most package thieves are pretty good at looking like everyone else and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Less than half of all package thieves are caught. While doorbell cams make for good YouTube revenge videos, it can be very difficult to get a clear image of a face to help police find the person who stole your things.

5. Has COVID 19 impacted package theft?

COVID has certainly made package theft a more lucrative occupation. With long lines at stores, periodic closures and people stuck at home, e-commerce is booming with 84% of Americans reporting that they ordered more items online in 2020 than they did previously.

Interestingly enough, though, while the opportunities for package theft are certainly at an all-time high, only 22% of people who reported a package theft said it was the first time it had happened to them. So even as the world returns to normal, package box thieves will still be out there.

6. Is there a popular time of year when theft is higher?

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The winter holiday season is always a popular time of year for porch thieves. Not only do people order more things, but more than 55% of them have a package stolen during the holiday season.

The getting is good in December. When, during the rest of the year, your regular e-commerce purchases might be household items like cleaning supplies, in December, package thieves can look forward to a variety of gifts and other items that will make a quick buck for resale.

7. Will I get my money back after my package is stolen?

Maybe? If you’re dealing with a big e-commerce retailer and you’ve got footage of a person walking off with your package, then odds are good you’ll get a refund or at least a replacement.

If you’re buying from smaller businesses though or if you’ve purchased a bigger ticket item, then it’s going to be harder to get your money back, especially if you can’t prove the package really was stolen. About 30% of porch theft victims don’t get their money back and lose an average of $106.

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8. What makes someone susceptible to package theft?

You have a porch with a package on it? Honestly, there’s no single profile.

Porch theft happens everywhere, in every neighborhood and in every kind of house. Condominiums, apartments, bungalows and sprawling estates all report porch theft. Porch thieves steal more than $25 million in goods every single day in America.

Yes, you read it right. Every. Single. Day.

9. What is the safest way to get a package delivered?

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The safest way to make sure your package will show up where you want it to be is a secure package locker. These days, almost half of online shoppers send their packages to a secure locker, usually at a third-party location.

This is a great solution, but not always the most convenient. It involves an extra trip or stop on your way home from work to pick up your package. I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t it be nicer to just…you know…go home? Your package may not be ready with a drink and your fuzzy slippers, but it would still be great if it were already there.

A Package Protector is a great solution to get your packages safely home, without any extra stops or hassle. Simply include the locker combination with your delivery instructions, and your package box will be waiting with bells on (unless you didn’t order bells) at home.

Choose from a Package Protector PRO that can be installed into your home’s exterior, or a Package Protector PORT, our pedestal-mounted model which can be set up anywhere on your property.

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