PRO™ vs. PORT™

Let’s say for a second that you’re a serious, responsible homeowning person. You pay bills; you mow the lawn; you eschew tacky ornamentations like ceramic garden gnomes.

Okay, garden gnomes are dope. You can have a couple. But maybe put them in the backyard, so the neighbors don’t judge you?

And, let’s also say that you like fun stuff. You like shopping online. You buy parts for that new gaming computer you’re building or tools to work on your car in the garage. Maybe you just buy gallons of industrial-strength hand sanitizer or designer masks from your favorite tattoo parlor.

So you’re serious, and you’re fun. But serious fun comes to a screeching halt when you find out your latest online purchase has grown legs and run off thanks to your local gang of porch pirates.


Join the Battle Against Porch Theft



Porch pirates roam the streets the way the pirates of the Caribbean roamed … well … the Caribbean. And you can do like so many unfortunate sailors did and hope you aren’t their next target, or you can arm yourself against a sea of troubles and fight back against porch theft. 

Forewarned is forearmed, after all, and this is your warning: The porch pirates are coming.

There are lots of ways to make sure your package is safely delivered to your home and that it stays there until you’re able to gather it into your loving embrace. But most solutions only solve the first part of the problem — making sure your package arrives safely — or they create additional hassles, like having to detour to a local package pick up point. (Try saying that ten times fast. Go on. We’ll wait.)

The solution that means you know your package has arrived AND that it will still be there when you get home is the Package Protector™. A secure locker that is accessible only to you and delivery drivers, the Package Protector™ gives you peace of mind and doesn’t require additional inconvenience to keep your packages safe.


Which Package Protector™ Is Right for You?


Yeah, we know, we can hear the perky sales rep voice asking that question too, but even once you board the good ship Package Protector™, there are still a few decisions to make.

The Package Protector™ comes in two models. Both have the same durable construction. Both will thwart roving package pirates. But which one is the Package Protector™ for you?

The Package Protector™ PRO is a locker that is built into the side of your home’s exterior. It sits flush with the facade and comes in a variety of powder-coated finishes.

The Package Protector™ PORT is a nifty free-standing cabinet, so you can set it up right by your front door, next to your standalone mailbox or anywhere else on your property where you’d like your packages to be delivered.

That’s Great, But Which Should I Choose?

We’re getting there. Be patient, young grasshopper. You’re seriously fun, and good things come to seriously fun people who wait.

Package Protector™ PRO

If you’re making a pros and cons list, the Package Protector™ PRO has a lot of pros. It’s subtle, in the way that only a flush-mounted package locker can be. You can choose from eight different powder-coated finishes. Powder coating is a good thing: It stays looking great, even when the weather sucks.

The downside, though, is the installation. To install a PRO, you pretty much need to knock a hole in your home’s exterior and have some free space on the other side of the wall to fit the locker. And yeah, it doesn’t have to be a big hole, and a qualified contractor will make sure that the finished product looks great and is structurally sound, but if you ask us, a Package Protector™ PRO is best suited if you’re building a new home and can work it into the design.

Package Protector™ PORT

If your home is already built and you don’t have a wall that will accommodate a PRO, or if you don’t want to go through the work of installation, then may we suggest the Package Protector™ PORT? This free-standing option offers the same durability and variety of finishes, without the whole “knock a hole in the wall” bit.

The PORT can be installed anywhere that makes sense on your property. Got a classic mailbox with a little red flag? We can put it there. Want it to blend into your home’s exterior? Mount it by the door or garage, and pick a finish that matches your facade. Easy peasy!

Of course, being free-standing, it’s not quite as understated as its PRO cousin, but that’s okay. It’s a conversation piece. People will stop and wonder. Is it a lamp post? Is it a mailbox? Are you passively searching for extraterrestrial life? No, it’s a Package Protector™ PORT!

And yeah, the PORT is one more thing for you to work the lawnmower around, but aren’t those few extra seconds with the weed whacker worth it, knowing that your packages are cozy and safe and waiting patiently for you to come collect them?

One more added bonus is that the Package Protector™PORT is port-able (get it? get it?). So whatever season you’re at in life — starter home, McMansion, sending the kids off to college — PORT can travel with you to keep all of life’s necessities safe. (Just remember, you’ll have to unbolt it from the concrete pad it was originally bolted to, and then re-bolt it at your new house. But it’s still, you know, portable.)

Need Help Choosing?

We’re in this together. Porch theft is no joke. It costs millions of Americans millions of dollars every year. So if you’re ready to fight the good fight, Package Protector™ is ready to stand on the front lines with you. 

Contact us today to help figure out which Package Protector™ is right for you and your seriously fun home.

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